Algeti River

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Algeti River.jpg
The Algeti River near Manglisi
Country Georgia
Basin features
Main source the Lesser Caucasus Range
River mouth Mtkvari (Kura)
Basin size 763 km2 (295 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 108 km (67 mi)

The Algeti (Georgian: ალგეთი) is a 108-kilometre (67 mi) long river in Kvemo Kartli, Georgia, spanning the municipalities of Tetritsqaro and Marneuli. Originating at Mount Kldekari, it flows into the deep rocky valley and then a plain before joining the Kura River as its right tributary. Colorful landscapes of the Algeti valley are protected as the Algeti National Park.[1]


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Coordinates: 41°42′41″N 44°14′01″E / 41.7113°N 44.2335°E / 41.7113; 44.2335