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The Algonquin Club at 217 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston (2008)

The Algonquin Club of Boston is a private social club in Boston, Massachusetts, founded in 1886 by a group including General Charles Taylor. Originally a men's business club, it is now open to men and women of all races, faiths, and nationalities.

Its clubhouse on Commonwealth Avenue was designed by McKim, Mead & White and completed in 1888, and was soon called "the finest and most perfectly appointed club-house in America"[1] and more recently the "most grandiose" of Boston's clubs. It remains the only Boston club with a purpose-built clubhouse.

Members include former Boston University president John Silber, former Bank of Boston chairman Ira Stepanian, and other Boston business leaders.

The Algonquin Club maintains reciprocal relationships with more than 150 social clubs worldwide.

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