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Ostad Ali Asghar Bahari (1905 – June 10, 1995) was an Iranian musician and kamancheh player.

He was born in Tehran from Baharian parents and started his music lessons under his grandfather Mohammad Taghi Khan, who was a kamancheh player as well. After three years, his father sent him to his uncles to learn more advanced techniques. Bahari had three uncles (all mother's brothers): Akbar, Reza and Hassan, who were all famous kamancheh players. His first major success was with Ebrahim Khan Mansouri's Orchestra at the age of 18.

He started his own music school in Mashhad, then moved back to Tehran and became an kamancheh instructor in Honarestan under Ruhollah Khaleghi. He played with famous Iranian musicians such as Hossein Tehrani, Ahmad Ebadi, and Abolhasan Saba. He also was a professor of music in Tehran University for a few years. He toured France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, England and the United States. He died in Tehran.

Among his students who went on to become great masters of Persian traditional music in their own right were Mastro Mazdak Tehrani and Mortezâ Varzi.

There is a photo of Bahari at this site; he is in the center of the photo.


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