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Ali Ünal (born 19 January 1955 in Uşak, province of Turkey) is a Turkish author.

He is often associated with the Gülen Movement, a modernist Islamic group in Turkey.[1] In addition to being an author, Ali Ünal is a prolific translator of works with an Islamic theme into English, and has translated into English many works by Fethullah Gülen, the spiritual leader and founder of the Gülen Movement. In 2006, Ali Ünal's English translation of the Quran was released. Ali Ünal's translation has been noted for its use of contemporary English, which makes it more readable than some classical Quran translations. Entitled The Qur'an with Annotated Interpretation in Modern English, the work also included extensive annotations by the translator.

Ali Ünal's published books as author and editor include Islam Addresses Contemporary Issues, Islamic Perspectives on Science: Knowledge and Responsibility, The Resurrection and the Afterlife, and Islam and Humanity at the Crossroads.

Ali Ünal is also a columnist for Zaman, a major Turkish daily newspaper.


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