Ali Aaltonen

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Ali Aaltonen
Ali Aaltonen.JPG
Born 1 January 1884
Died 1 January 1918
Occupation politician, journalist, military personnel, officer

Ali Aaltonen (1884 Jämsä – 1918 Lahti) was a Lieutenant in the Imperial Russian army, journalist, and Finnish socialist leader. He participated in the Russo-Japanese battles as a lieutenant and later in the Russian revolution of 1905. The revolution failed and this led to Aaltonen's loss of officer status within the Imperial Russian Army. He then served as a journalist and wrote under the pseudonym Ali Baba.

Aaltonen commanded the military forces of the Reds during the Finnish Civil War and tried to secure arms deals with Russia. He led the attack on Näsilinna during the Battle of Tampere. He was later relegated to other duties due to his alcoholism. He was arrested by the White Guards at the Villähde railway station and sent to the Hennala prison camp, where he later was shot by Hans Kalm, an Estonian officer, who had volunteered to fight for the Whites.[1]


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