Ali Amjad's Clock

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Ali Amjad's Clock
আলী আমজদের ঘড়ি
Keane Bridge and Ali Amjad's Clock, Sylhet.jpg
Ali Amjad Clock, beside the Keane bridge
Coordinates 24°53′18″N 91°52′04″E / 24.888352°N 91.867794°E / 24.888352; 91.867794Coordinates: 24°53′18″N 91°52′04″E / 24.888352°N 91.867794°E / 24.888352; 91.867794
Location Sylhet, Bangladesh
Type Tower
Material Tin
Width 5.1 m (16.7 ft)
Height 7.4 m (24.3 ft)
Opening date 1874
Dedicated to Nawab Ali Amjad Khan

Ali Amjad's Clock is the oldest clock tower located on the bank of Surma River in Sylhet, Bangladesh.[1] It is known as "the Big Ben of Sylhet" and is a popular attraction, near to the Keane Bridge. The tower was constructed in 1872 by Ali Amjad's Father just two years before he was born.Ali Amjad was the landlord of former Prithimpasha estate in Sylhet whose Ancestors were from Isphani,Iran.



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