Ali Atwa

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Ali Atwa
Born Ali Atwa
1960 (age 56–57)
Nationality Lebanon
Occupation Terrorist
Known for FBI Most Wanted Terrorist, Hijacking of TWA Flight 847, Murder of one US citizen.[1]
Height 5'8
Weight 150 lb (68 kg)

Ali Atwa (born about 1960) (Arabic: علي عطوة‎‎) is a Lebanese national and member of the Islamist organization Hezbollah. Atwa is also known as Ammar Mansour Bouslim and Hassan Rostom Salim.

He is wanted by the United States government for involvement in the 14 June 1985 hijacking of TWA Flight 847.[2] (He allegedly intended to help hijack the plane but was bumped from the flight. He was arrested but was then released by the Greek government as part of the deal to release the hostages. He then re-joined the hijackers in Algiers on board the hijacked airplane). This hijacking resulted in the death of United States Navy diver Robert Stethem.

On 1 October 2001, Atwa along with two other alleged participants in the hijacking was placed on the initial list of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation's top 22 Most Wanted Terrorists, which was released to the public by President Bush[citation needed]. A reward of US$ 5 million is being offered for information leading to his arrest and conviction. He is currently thought to be living in Lebanon.[3]

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