Ali Dino

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Ali Dino
Ali Dino 1930.jpg
Ali Dino in 1930
Born 1890
Preveza, Janina Vilayet, Ottoman Empire, modern day Greece
Died 1938
Athens, Greece
Occupation cartoonist, politician
Nationality Ottoman, Greek

Ali Dino (Greek: Αλή Ντίνο), also known as Ali Dino Bey (Albanian: Ali Bej Dino, Greek: Αλή Ντίνο Μπέης 1890-1938) was an Albanian cartoonist and a Member of the Greek Parliament.

Dino was born in Preveza, in the Janina Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire in 1889, to Rasih Dino and is the grandson of Abedin Dino, one of the main contributors of the Albanian independence. He became one of the most famous cartoonists in Greece, and was elected in the Greek Parliament twice for the Preveza prefecture.[1] Dino is the founder of the Party of the Chameria, that represented the local Cham Albanian community[1] as well as of the Greek Albanian Friendship Society. He died in Athens, Greece in 1938.


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