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Ali Hassan Kuban (1929, Gorta, Egypt – 2001[1]) was a Nubian singer and bandleader. He was known as the "Captain" or (later) "Godfather" of Nubian music.[1]

Ali Hassan Kuban was born in Gorta, Egypt, a Nubian village near Aswan.[2] After his family moved to Cairo, he learned to play the clarinet, and in 1949 he performed with the Opera of Cairo.[2] He also played girba (bagpipes) with his own band during wedding celebrations.[1] During the 1950s, Ali began adding Western instruments such as the saxophone, electric guitar, bass guitar, organ, trumpet and accordion to his ensemble.[1] By the 1990s, he was performing for international audiences at events such as Midem (1993), WOMAD (1994), the Montreal Jazz Festival (1994), and Central Park SummerStage (1995).[1]


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