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Ali Javadi (born 1953) is an Iranian political Communist activist living in exile.

He is one of the main founders and theoricians of Worker-Communism unity party of Iran. Earlier when he was still in Central-Committeein of Worker-Communist party of Iran in December 2006 he was among those who founded a faction inside the Party called "The Worker-communism Unity" and then later quit the main party and built another party called Worker-Communism Unity Party of Iran.

Because of his activities in there and in different Radio and television satellite Channels (Today mainly in Channelone) he is a well-known figure among the Iranian communists in opposition to Islamic Republic. Ali Javadi currently is secretary of the central committee of the Worker-communism Unity Party.

He is also the current head of Marx Society, current director of “Centre for Prosecuting Islamic Republic officials for their crimes against People


Return to Iran and forming “Spark Communist Committee”[edit]

With raising Iranian Revolution he and group of his friends stopped their education and came back to Iran in summer 1977, only a few months before revolution.

He and his friends formed “Spark Communist Committee” (which was politically close to “Alliance for struggle for Working Class Cause”) and joined social and worker protests First against Shah and then against Khomeini newly found Regime. His pseudonym in this period was “Reza”.

It was in this days that he get to know Javad Ghaedi (from “Alliance for struggle for Working Class Cause”) and with his help he wrote his first work named “Councils: Germinal bases of Revolutionary Government”.

Knowing Mansoor Hekmat and joining CMU[edit]

After the Studying “Iranian Revolution and the Role of the Proletariat (Theses)” (an early work of Mansoor Hekmat and Hamid Taghvaee) He and “Spark Communist Committee” were attracted to “Sahand Circle” and after Sahand circle Formed “Communist Militias Union”, they joined it.

It was at this time that Ali Javadi got to know Mansoor Hekmat (who was then using the pseudonym “Bahram”). He first met him in a behind-the-curtain-meeting with presence of Hekmat, Gholam Keshavarz, Javad Ghaedi and a delegate from group named “Armdadasdane Zahmatkeshane Khorasan”.

After joining CMU Ali was active in worker movements in east and south-east of Tehran and at the same time he had an official job working as technician in “Organization of expanding and reconstructing of Iranian Industry”.

On June 20, 1981 and famous event of that day (30 Khordad Event) he was in Tehran streets and surprisingly survived the persecution.

After the violent represses of Islamic Republic he lost his connection with CMU and stopped his political activities for a while.

Return to US and working with CPI[edit]

In 1984 he used forged documents to flee to Europe and then the United States and he continued his studies there. It was at the same time that Communist Party of Iran was formed and Ali joined this party and after a while he was responsible for some CPI activities in the United States.

Joining and leaving WPI[edit]

When a “Worker Communism Faction” was forming in CPI he joined this Faction and at this time with advice of Mansoor Hekmat, he became Advisor to Politburo of CPI.

After Worker-Communist Party of Iran was formed he was among the first to join it and he was a member of WPI Central Committee from the very beginning.

Ali Javadi was one of the first contributors to “Radio International” and He was responsible for the Television Activities (NewChannel) of Worker-Communist party of Iran Which was the first Persian satellite channel with a Communist alternative at the time.He was also a member of editorial board or director of “Anternasional” (means: International), a paper in Persian.

In 1999, with recommend of Mansoor Hekmat, he started to publish quarterly magazine named “Porsesh” (means: Question). Porsesh was quite different and original magazine.

In September 2003 he started to run a television program named “For a better world”. This program broadcast in “Channel One” several hours a week. Javadi was promoting WPI in this program.

Later and with the establishment of “New Channel” he became the first director of New Channel later he left this position.

Later he was involved in discussions inside of Worker-Communist party of Iran and built a faction named Worker-Communism Faction of the main Party and still part of the party till the faction decided to leave the main party and build its own party, called Worker-Communism Unity Party of Iran, he is one of the leaders which include; Him, Azar Majedi, Siavash Daneshvar.

Akhare Hafte[edit]

Akhare Hafte (in Persian: Weekend) was a personal and political paper in Persian which was published by Javadi for months.he fairly wrote about his personal life in this magazine as well as focusing on the news.

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