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This article is about the dramatist. For the cricketer, see Moeen Ali.
Ali Moeen
Ali Moeen.jpg
Born 20 November 1968
Occupation Playwright, screenwriter, lyricist, media consultant, product developer for media
Nationality Pakistani
Education Masters in English & Political Science
Alma mater Saint Dominican Convent School Bahawalpur

Ali Moeen is a Pakistani dramatist and lyricist. He has written more than a dozen drama serials with dictionary seeking titles and also is known as the Gulzar[dubious ] of Pakistan music industry as lyricist, having written more than a hundred songs for various Pakistani artists.


Born 20 November 1968 in Lahore, to Nikhat Irshad and Syed Fakharuddin Balley. At the age of 3 his parents migrated to the town in the south of Punjab, Bahawalpur where at the age of 5 he was enrolled in the Saint Dominican Convent School.

He started writing poetry at the age of 14. When he turned 18, he went to Government College University, Lahore for graduation. His 1st book of poetry Badan Ki Khanqah Say came in 1991, followed by Bhagwa Bhais, the only book in the Urdu Language from Pakistan that has personality sketches about common people. He did his masters in English & political science.

On 2 December 2008, Ali Moeen was awarded the Best Drama Writer of Pakistan in the Hum TV's HUM Tele Film Festival 2008[1] for the tele film "Aik Aadh Hafta".

Yeh Hum Naheen (Urdu ﻳﻪ ﮨﻢ ﻧﹷﮭﹻﮟ,) – This Is Not Us![edit]

The lyrics, penned by Ali Moeen, are succinct but clear: “This story that is being spread in our names is a lie. These stamps of death on our foreheads are the signs of others. The name by which you know us, we are not that. The eyes with which you look at us, we are not that. This is not us, this is not us.” Composed by Shuja Haider, the result is a mega hit single. Yeh Hum Naheen has not only topped MTV Asia and Pakistani charts, but has also made its presence felt on the British charts.

The Dawn Review, Dawn Newspaper, October 16, 2008[2]

Ali Moeen wrote the lyrics for Yeh Hum Naheen,[3] a peace song sung by Pakistan's leading artists as part of an international campaign against terrorism. The song and message behind have been covered by the international media.[4][5][6] The campaign was a brainchild of Waseem Mahmood, author and media consultant, who took inspiration for the project from his children, who were tired at the way a minority of misguided young people were putting forward a message of radicalisation and terrorism which was at odds with what the majority of Muslims believe. The central message of the song is a that of reconciliation, peace and truth, and is intended as the voice of the silent majority of Pakistanis who are saddened and shocked at the high-jacking of Islam by terrorists, and want to stand up and shout "This is Not Us". Yeh Hum Naheen was written in Urdu in words that are simple and meant to reach audiences across the board. The music was composed by Shuja Haider. Yeh Hum Naheen has not only topped MTV Asia and Pakistani charts, but has also made its presence felt on the British charts.[2]


Drama serials[edit]

Ali Moeen wrote several award winning drama serials.[7]

  • SARMAYA – Nominated best serial, First Lux Style Awards 2002. A 12-episode serial for Indus Vision produced by Gaaza Entertainment and directed by Owais Khan. A story of two friends who are out to explore success in their careers, one chooses a path long and difficult of truth and the other chooses the ladder of immense success and glory that is not only difficult but is like quick sand having no way out. Story of faith, glory, achievements, sadness and disaster. Cast: Talat Hussain, Salim Shaikh, Faisal Rehman, Nadia Hussain, Sonia Khan, Shehla Qureshi. Production by Infinity Films
  • NOOR MAHAL – An 18-episode drama serial produced by Infinity Films Production for GEO TV and directed by Owais Khan. Noor Mahal is the epic tale of love set in the mystic and culturally rich background of Rohi, the place of saints and serenity. Allah Yar, the lowly born destitute finds a shelter in the grand palace where he falls prey to the divine providence called love. The un-dented tale of commitment and belief in love where it brings the believer to the point where even forces of nature start to conspire in your favour. Through Allah Yar the story deconstructs all the symbols and cultural signs of love and gives a subtle character to Noor Mahal, the house around which the whole story orbits. This duality of transformation gives the story an epic milieu that traverses all the boundaries of time and space and meets the eyes and ears as the fable immemorial. Cast: Shafi Mohammad, Afreen Sharif, Kashif Mehmood, Parveen Akber, Sohail Asgher, Shareyar, Farooq Zameer, Zalay Sarhadi, Imran Urooj, Sonia Khan, Rabia Chaudry, Rana Nasir, Nayyar Ejaz, Mehak Ali, Najam Imtiaz, Reja
  • BATEIN DIL KI – A 13-episode drama serial presented by Media IQ, produced by Infinity Films in 2004 for PTV and directed by Owais Khan. Batein Dil Ki is a story of two brothers who lives with a single parent, they fall in love with the daughters of a rich man. The younger brother is a true lover but the elder brother his relation with the daughter of a rich man having a past revenge in his heart towards the rich man due to the difficulty they faced in their past. He flirts with all his daughters and ruins their life and true love of his brother also becomes victim of his intentions. A story of emotions, tears and joy. Cast : Faisal Rehman, Vinny, Shamyl Khan, Fiza Ali, Urooj Nasir, Talat Hussin, Tahira Wasti
  • PHOOL WALI GALI – A 35-episode drama serial produced by ARY Digital and directed by Zulfiqar Sheikh. Phool Wali Gali is a journey through an alley of life lit with emotions and littered with catastrophes. It encompasses the lives of characters burdened with guilt and set free by the truth. It narrates the search of a brother for his sister who now dwells in that forbidden part of the society – a kothay wali (courtesan), who withholds her true identity from her foreign-bred son – a man who lives on the hope of reuniting with his old flame. Cast: Aijjaz Aslam, Javeria Abbasi, Maria Wasti, Zulfiqar, Nabeel, Tasmina Sheikh, Nighat Chaudhry, Mona Lisa and Uzma Gilani
  • AZAL – a 19-episode drama serial produced by Infinity Films for PTV World
  • DIL DHOONDTA HAI – a 15-episode drama serial. Synopsis: Unreleased
  • KHAALI AANKHAIN – a 30-episode drama serial, which was an Elysee Entertainment and ARY Digital Production. The story of Khaali Aankhain revolves around two families: one of Rashid (Khayyam Sarhadi) who is a very rich businessman and the other of his not so rich partner (Khalid Butt). Side note: how can one business partner be rich, while the other not rich fails me. Rashid's household is a very happy go lucky house where all the time laughter can be heard. He lives with his mother, his wife (Naghma) and his children Ali (Faisal Rahman), Omer and Rabi (Janna Malik) while is elder daughter Asma is studying in England. Meanwhile, his partner's family is very materialistic and aims to be very rich and as a result ill treats their daughter-in-law Bakhtawar who happens to be from a poor family and childless as well. His wife (Roohi Khan) and younger son Vicky (Kashif Mehmood) especially are quite rude to her. Her only friend in the house is the daughter Sonia (Nadia Jameel) who herself suffers from fits.
  • AIK DAFA KA ZIKR HAI – an 18-episode drama serial by 7th Sky Entertainment
  • YEH ZINDAGI – an 18-episode drama serial for ARY Digital
  • MAKAAN NUMBER 47 – a 19-episode comedy serial, ARY Digital
  • MOHLAT – a 6-episode Indus Vision tele film presented by Gaaza Entertainment, produced by Infinity Films

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