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Ali Rashid Lootah is the Chairperson of Nakheel,[1] a development company in Dubai. He managed Nakheel during challenging times, as Nakheel was undergoing financial restructuring of its debts. He was appointed to lead Nakheel after the economic crisis has caused financial problems for Nakheel. He receives no salary from the company. His managing style is known to be under the iron grip. It may bring employees at unease[2] but it makes the job done during times of distress.


Ali Lootah was born in Dubai and pursued his university education in the United States in civil engineering. When he came back to his hometown of Dubai, he had aspirations to improve the engineering discipline in the United Arab Emirates. He wanted to form an engineering society in the UAE that would act as a licensing and regulatory body for engineering practice. He was successful in establishing with a group of other Emirati engineers the UAE Society of Engineers, in which he became a member of founding board.[3]

He started his career working in the UAE's Ministry of Public Works, where he was later appointed as Assistant Under-secretary of the Ministry.[4] While working for the ministry, he oversaw the great development projects of the booming years of the UAE, changing its desert landscape to a modern development. In his years with the ministry that has given him a great amount of experience in the construction industry in the UAE.

Ali is also the vice-chairperson of Mashreq Bank.[5] He revamped Nakheel, restarting some of its development projects.[6]


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