Ali bin Hamud of Zanzibar

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Ali bin Hamud of Zanzibar, c. 1907

Sayyid Ali bin Hamud Al-Busaid (June 7, 1884 – December 20, 1918) (Arabic: علي بن حمود البوسعيد‎‎) was the eighth Sultan of Zanzibar from 1902 to 1911.


Ali was proclaimed Sultan of Zanzibar on 20 July 1902, following the death of his father, the seventh Sultan, two days earlier. There was a regency until he attained majority. He served only a few years as sultan because of illness. On 9 December 1911 he abdicated in favour of his brother-in-law Khalifa bin Harub Al-Busaid.[1]


(abdicated in 1911, but kept styles as Sultan) .[2]




Preceded by
Hamud bin Muhammad
Sultan of Zanzibar
Succeeded by
Khalifa bin Harub