Ali bin al Mugrab Al Uyuni

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Ali bin al-Mugrab Al Uyuni (علي بن المقرب العيوني) Bahrani poet from Al-Hasa, died in 630 AH (1232 AD), one of the late known poets among the people of the Arabian Peninsula before the modern era. Percentage due to Al Uyuni built from Abdul Qays, who ruled Ahsa in that period after extracted from Qarmatians. Al Uyuni poet, and is considered his office and explanations which are attached by one of the most important sources on the history of that state.

This has been achieved by his several times of poetry, by a number of researchers, including Ahmed Musa al-Khatib and newly investigation and explanation Bureau I'm close[clarification needed][1] by three researchers (Abdul-Khaliq al-Janabi, Abdul Ghani Alarafat, and Ali Bey).[2]

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