Ali ibn Faramurz

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Ali ibn Faramurz
Emir of Yazd and Abarkuh
Reign Ca. 1070 – 1095
Predecessor Faramurz
Successor Garshasp II
Born Unknown
Died 1095
Consort Arslan Khatun
House Kakuyid
Father Faramurz
Religion Islam

Ali ibn Faramurz (Persian: علی بن فرامرز), was the Kakuyid Emir of Yazd and Abarkuh. He was the son of Faramurz.


In 1076/1077, Ali married a daughter of Chaghri Beg named Arslan Katun, who was the widow of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Qa'im (1031-1075). Ali was a faithful vassal Seljuk and spent most of his reign at the court of the Seljuq Malik-Shah I in Isfahan. He was a patron of the Persian poet Mu'izzi who made some poems dedicated to him.[1]

After the death of Malik-Shah I in 1092, Ali supported his brother Tutush I that dominated the western part of the Seljuq Empire, and considered his right to the throne more superior than Barkiyaruq. Tutush, however, was decisively defeated in a battle near Ray in 1095, where he and Ali were killed.[1][2] Ali was succeeded by his son Garshasp II.


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Preceded by
Kakuyid Emir of Yazd and Abarkuh
Ca. 1070 – 1095
Succeeded by
Garshasp II