Alliance for the Great Change

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Alliance for the Great Change
Alianza por el Gran Cambio
Leader Pedro Pablo Kuczynski
Founded December 2010 (2010-12)
Ideology Christian democracy
Social liberalism
Political position Centre
Colors Pink, blue, yellow
12 / 130
Politics of Peru
Political parties

The Alliance for the Great Change — PPK (Spanish: Alianza por el Gran Cambio — PPK) is an electoral alliance in Peru formed for the general election, 2011 to promote the presidential candidacy of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski ("PPK").

Constituent Parties[edit]

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski himself is a non-partisan.

In the 2006 election, the Christian democrats led the alliance National Unity, the Humanists were part of the Decentralization Coalition, the Alliance for Progress participated separately. RN formed a parliamentary alliance with the Center Front after the elections.

In the congressional election on April 10, the alliance won 14.42% of the popular vote and 12 of 130 seats, making them the fourth largest group in parliament. In the elections for the five Peruvian members of the Andean Parliament, the won 13.94%.

Running mates of PPK were Máximo San Román, former Vice president under Alberto Fujimori who left the Fujimorist party Cambio 90 and is now considered close to National Restoration for First Deputy and Marisol Pérez Tello (PPC) for Second Deputy.

Kuczynski, after a very personalist campaign, won 18.51% of the presidential votes, placing him third, but not enough to qualify for the second round.

For the runoff PPK, San Román and Lay endorsed right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori,[1] dissenting humanist Simon supports left-winger Ollanta Humala.[2]

In campaign, the alliance used the colors shocking pink, light blue and yellow.


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