Alice (2002 film)

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Alice 2002 film cover.jpg
Film cover.
Directed bySylvie Ballyot
Produced byJean-Philippe Labadie
Nathalie Eybrard
Screenplay byLaurent Larivière
StarringAnne Bargain
Lei Dinety
Élodie Mennegand
Catncage Pictures
Distributed byEpicentre Films
Release date
  • 8 December 2002 (2002-12-08) (France)
Running time
48 minutes
United Kingdom

Alice is a 2002 French-British film directed by Sylvie Ballyot and produced by Nathlie Eybrard and Jean philippe Labadie about Alice and her sister Manon who is about to be married.


Alice has deeply buried feelings and memories for her sister Manon, who is about to be married. During their childhood, the two sisters were extremely close not only emotionally, but also sexually. With news of the wedding, the pain of the past resurfaces and Alice's relationship with her girlfriend Elsa starts to fall apart. As the wedding approaches, Alice reminisces about her childhood, and has trouble letting go of her incestuous relationship with Manon.


  • Anne Bargain as Alice
  • Valentine Dubreuil as Young Alice
  • Élodie Mennegand as Manon
  • Lucie Lessieur as Young Manon
  • Lei Dinety as Elsa
  • David Kammenos as Atom
  • Alain Lahaye as the Father
  • Armelle Legrand as the Mother
  • Violetta Ferrer as the Grandmother

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