Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis

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Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis
Genre Drama, Comedy, Fantasy
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Developed by Maribel Ilag
Written by Anna Nadela
Tina Samson-Velasco
Gilbeys Sardea
Directed by Mark A. Reyes V
Creative director(s) Jun Lana
Starring Bea Binene
Jake Vargas
Derrick Monasterio
Lexi Fernandez
Theme music composer Von de Guzman
Opening theme "Alice Bungisngis"
sung by Frencheska Farr
Composer(s) Jobart Bartolome
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, English
No. of episodes 88
Executive producer(s) Kaye Atienza-Cadsawan
Producer(s) Wilma Galvante
Location(s) Laguna
Tanay, Rizal
Cinematography Jay Linao
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i NTSC
Original release February 6 (2012-02-06) – June 8, 2012 (2012-06-08)
Related shows Magic Palayok
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Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis or Alice: The Giggling Witch (International title)[1][2] is a Filipino drama-fantasy-comedy series created and written by Maribel Ilag, under the helm of Mark Reyes and produced by GMA Network. The series featured tween stars Bea Binene in the title role,[3] with Jake Vargas,[4] Derrick Monasterio[5] and Lexi Fernandez, Sheena Halili, Janno Gibbs and Jean Garcia as the protagonist. The series premieres February 6, 2012, replacing Daldalita on GMA's early primetime slot and February 8, 2012 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV.[6]

The series is set in a fictional barrio, where most people still believe in witchcraft and sorcerers are still exist; and in an orphanage where the protagonist grew up. The story centers in the life and love of Alice, a simple teenager who grew up in an orphanage and always taunted because of her kinky hair and witchy-kind of laugh. Unbeknownst to her, she is a descendant of a powerful white sorceress and she also possesses a power that eventually sends her into one magical adventure.

The series concluded on June 8, 2012. It ran for 18 weeks with the total of 88 episodes. It replaced by My Daddy Dearest.


The tale begins in a far away province where we will discover that witchery still exists when a kid was bewitched and will be brought to a sorceress named Tandang Alicia. She then discovers that her foster child, Esmeralda, was the one who cast a spell on the innocent kid. Tandang Alicia treated Esmeralda as if her own daughter, she taught her all the magical spells she knew and because of their closeness it will make Matilda, the real daughter of Tandang Alicia, very envious.

As time passes by, Esmeralda starts to become obsessed with power and uses it for her personal gain. Tandang Alicia wants to stop her from being greedy; she’ll use her potion and will cast a spell on Esmeralda transforming her to look like an old tree. Unfortunately, Tandang Alicia’s life will be put to an end in exchange of the curse. Matilda grieves on the lost of her mother, but situation will soon change as soon as the cute little baby is born. She will be named Alice.

Happiness will fill the lives of Matilda and Hilario including their families. They see a bright future on their daughter because she embodies the goodness and intelligence of her grandmother Alicia. Unknowingly, when Alice was born, Esmeralda risen. Since Esmeralda feels the wrath of being cursed, she will command her minions to look for the granddaughter of Tandang Alicia hoping that she is the one who could break the curse and transform her back to a human form. Esmeralda succeeds of her plan in getting Alice but Matilda and Hilario fight back. Unfortunately, an accident takes place, putting Matilda and Hilario under a spell.

Unbeknownst to them, Alice had survived the close to death situation. Her parents' life will be miserable and sad while Esmeralda becomes hopeless on breaking the curse cast upon her. A loving farmer, Ipeng, will find the beautiful Alice but he finds a need to bring her to a charitable institution where he’s working. She will treat Alice as if his own and will look after her. Alice's life evolves inside the institution. She may not feel the love of her real parents but she will grow up as a kind and a loving girl. Despite her kindness, she will experience being bullied by others because they think of her as a weird outcast. Since her childhood, there are always enchanting situations that are happening in the institution because whatever she utters happen. She is also fond of conversing with different objects as if they listen and most of all her laughter is similar as of a witch's. As she reaches her tween stage, the oppression intensifies making her feel that the only people who love her are Ipeng and few kids in the institution. However, things will change when she meets Ace, the guy who will give her hope and encouragement. They will build their friendship. Alice will treasure her friendship with him. Eventually, she will fall in love with Ace but Maggie, Ace's mother, disagrees with it. Maggie will drive Alice away from the institution but before it happens a party takes place for Ace’s grandfather, Don Zaldy (Roy Alvarez). Unluckily, the institution will be set on fire which causes Spade to get hurt and Alice will be the person to blame. Alice run away from the institution and will look for places where she can hide. One day, when she’s about to be captured, Esmeralda will pretend and make her believe that she is her real mother. At first, Alice wasn’t convinced that the lady who helped her ironically abandoned her before. But Esmeralda does everything to get her sympathy and will help her escape from all the people hunting her. Being born kind and yearning for mother’s love, Alice will treat Esmeralda as her mother and will do anything she says. In a twist of fate, Ace and Alice path crosses again. He still believes it was Alice who planned the incident. The feud is born between them and will persist because of Esmeralda’s manipulation.

In fighting for the truth, Alice will be punished by Esmeralda. The situation worsens but a good friend will help Alice escape from the evil Esmeralda. While walking from different streets finding someone who will help her, Alice will meet Lola Andeng who will make her feel loved. In times of hardships, she uses her magical powers to help Lola Andeng. But when Lola Andeng learns of the supernatural abilities of Alice, she will drive her away. Alice assumes that Lola Andeng view her as an evil creature. But she didn't know that she is her mom Matilda, who transformed into an old lady because of Esmeralda’s spell. She did it to save Alice from the wrath of evil Esmeralda.

One day, Alice learns the news that Lola Andeng is sick. She will go back and will take care of her. When the night comes, the moonlight beamed on Lola Andeng. The truth will unfold that she is Matilda, her long lost mother. Because of the heartbreaking situation, Alice made a promise to not leave her mother and will protect her from all catastrophes. Sadly, Esmeralda and her minions will find them and what makes it more painful is seeing Ace and Ipeng bewitched by the servant of darkness. Alice finds the need to unleash the witch inside her in order to save herself and her loved ones.

Cast of characters[edit]

Main cast[edit]

  • Bea Binene as Alice Asuncion-Fernandez/Daisy Reyes - She grew up in an orphanage with her adoptive father, Ipeng who is also working there as an all-around handyman. She’s a simple teenager, with simple looks and simple dreams in life, which are to reunite with her biological parents and to meet her prince charming. Despite her kindness, she often experience being bullied by others. Some girls at the orphanage will find her weird because of her unusual laughter (which is similar to a witch) and because of how everything she utters would come true. Because of her odd traits, they will mistreat her and give her a hard time. But Alice will meet brothers Ace and Spade, who will become close friends she can turn to. Eventually, she will develop deeper feelings for Ace but this will be opposed by his mother.
  • Jake Vargas as Ace Fernandez - He is a handsome lad who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. But Ace's life is not as perfect as everyone thinks. He is yearning for a mother's love and care—things that Maggie, his super busy mother, can't give. He meets Alice in a not-so-nice way but later build a strong friendship with her. But their friendship will be tested when Don Zaldy, Ace's grandfather dies and Alice will be the one accused of causing this incident.
  • Derrick Monasterio as Spade Fernandez - Ace's younger brother. Charming and friendly, Spade will also become Alice's friend and defender and eventually fall for her.
  • Lexi Fernandez as Queenie Delos Santos - Ace and Spade's mean-spirited friend and schoolmate. Jealous with the kind of attentions the two brothers are giving to Alice, she will make the poor girl's life a living hell.

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Jean Garcia as Esmeralda Reyes - The greedy evil witch who is haunting Alice. She is cursed by Tandang Alicia and become an old wilted tree. Esmeralda believes that Alice is the one who could break the curse and transform her back to a human form.
  • Janno Gibbs as Hilario Asuncion - Alice's biological father who is cursed to become as tiny as a thumb and trapped in a jar of sap. A responsible and loving father. He will do everything just to protect his one and only daughter from the wrath of evil Esmeralda.
  • Sheena Halili as Sinag D' Voodoo Doll - Esmeralda's niece and loyal ally. She is cursed and become a walking and talking voodoo doll. She later leaves Esmeralda disgusted by her evil ways.
  • Buboy Garovillo as Filipe "Ipeng" Lucsin - The kind-hearted and God-fearing adoptive father of Alice. He raised Alice as if his own and Father of Ace and Spade.
  • Benjie Paras as Timoteo/Tim - The clumsy, pea-brained minion of Esmeralda.
  • Sef Cadayona as Tomas/Tom - One of the loyal minions of Esmeralda.
  • Irma Adlawan as Margarita "Maggie" Fernandez / Gareng Lucsin - The mother of Ace and Spade. Cold-hearted, arrogant, manipulative, socialite and brand-conscious. She knows nothing but money and believes that money makes the world go round. She opposes her two son's friendship with Alice and even plot a scheme to expel the poor girl from the institution.
  • Alicia Alonzo as Lola Andeng/Old Matilda - The old woman that Alice met in her hard times. Little did Alice know, Lola Andeng is actually her long, lost mother, Matilda, who transformed into an old lady because of Esmeralda's spell.
  • Marc Justine Alvarez as Wally D' Wonder Walis - Alice's cousin who transformed into a talking and flying broomstick because of Esmeralda's spell. He will become Alice's sidekick and partner to her adventures and misadventures in life.
  • Isabel Nesreen Frial as Gelay - One of the little orphans in the institution and Alice's friend.
  • Lance Angelo Lucido as Ivan - One of the little orphans in the institution and Alice's friend.

Special participation[edit]

  • Marita Zobel as Tandang Alicia - A white sorceress who adopted Esmeralda and treated her like her own and even taught her the art of witchcraft. This is despite the fact that she already has her own daughter, Matilda. Over time, Esmeralda was possessed by her desire for power and started using it for her selfish intentions. This is when Tandang Alicia realized her mistake and decided to put an end to Esmeralda's wicked ways by turning her into wilted tree. Unfortunately, the spell also took the old woman's life.
  • Roy Alvarez as Don Zaldy Fernandez - The wealthy grandfather of Ace and Spade. A philanthropist who financially helps the institution where Alice lives.
  • Ana Roces as Matilda Asuncion - Alice's biological mother who transformed into an old lady and renamed herself as Andeng.
  • Ama Quiambao as Lola Anita - Tandang Alicia's younger sister.
  • Lovely Rivero as Tiya Panying - Matilda's older sister and the mother of Wally.

Extended cast[edit]

Audience and critical reception[edit]

  • Based on data gathered (Nielsen Television Audience Measurement or Nielsen TAM) since its launch on February 6 to March 16, the series has reaped an average household rating of 14.1% points in Urban Luzon, while its counterparts Maria la del Barrio and recently, Wako Wako got 12.5% points and 12.1% points, respectively. Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis’ lead was more profound in the viewer-rich Mega Manila area, where it got an average household rating of 14.1% points, while its competitors only got 11.6% points (Maria la del Barrio) and 11.2% points (Wako Wako).[7]

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