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This article is about the original Alice Cooper band. For Alice Cooper, the musician, see Alice Cooper.
Alice Cooper
All four members live in concert; or a promotional photo of all four members; or a head-shot of each of the four members in a square.
Alice Cooper Killer Tour 1972
Background information
Origin Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Years active 1964 (1964)–1975 (1975)
(reunions: 1999, 2010, 2011, 2015)
Associated acts Frank Zappa
Past members Alice Cooper
Glen Buxton
Michael Bruce
Dennis Dunaway
Neal Smith

Alice Cooper was an American rock band led by Vincent Furnier, who later changed his legal name to Alice Cooper. The band was famous for their elaborate, theatrical shock rock stage shows.[1]


The band consisted of members, all from the previous 60s garage rock band, the Spiders. They created everything as a group and wrote virtually the lion's share of what was to become the classic Alice Cooper canon.[2] Neal Smith's sister Cindy Smith Dunaway (Dennis Dunaway's wife) designed the bands costumes and also performed in the stage show (she was the "dancing tooth" during the band's Billion Dollar Babies tour).[3][4]

The Alice Cooper band was the subject of media criticism after Furnier (Alice Cooper) threw a live chicken into the audience during the 1969 Toronto Rock 'n' Roll Revival Festival. The audience ripped the chicken to shreds.[5]

The band was featured on a Warner Bros sampler album Zapped of bands produced by Frank Zappa for the label, and then went on to release several chart-topping albums and headlining major tours before breaking up in 1975.[6] Vincent Furnier took "Alice Cooper" as his own name and carried on with a new group of musicians.,[4][7] the original band becoming officially defunct.

Bruce, Dunaway and Smith would go on to form the short-lived band Billion Dollar Babies, producing one album - Battle Axe - in 1977. While occasionally performing with one another and Glen Buxton, they would not reunite with Alice until October 23, 1999, at the second Glen Buxton Memorial Weekend for a show at CoopersTown in Phoenix (Buxton having died in 1997). They reunited for another show, with Steve Hunter on guitar, on December 16, 2010, at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix.[8] This lineup would perform together again (televised) on March 14, 2011, at the induction of the original Alice Cooper group into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as well as on May 11, 2011, at London's Battersea Power Station at the Jagermiester Ice Cold 4D event (webcast). Bruce, Dunaway and Smith appeared on three tracks they co-wrote on Alice's 2011 album Welcome 2 My Nightmare.

A documentary about the Alice Cooper band entitled Super Duper Alice Cooper premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 17, 2014, and was scheduled to be screened at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival a week later.[5]

On October 6, 2015, a surprise reunion show took place in Dallas at Dunaway's book signing session where he was joined by Bruce, Smith, Cooper and Ryan Roxie, who replaced the late Glen Buxton.[9][10][11]

Band members[edit]

Black-and-white photo of a long-haired man in black makeup with a microphone
Vincent Furnier a.k.a. Alice Cooper

Original band members

Additional members 1973–74



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