Alice Cooper and Friends

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Alice Cooper and Friends
Alice Cooper and Friends VHS Cover.jpg
Video by Alice Cooper
Released 1977 TV Special
1978 VHS
Genre Hard rock, Heavy metal, Shock rock
Length 52 minutes
Label Media Video
Alice Cooper chronology
Welcome To My Nightmare
(1976)Welcome To My Nightmare1976
Alice Cooper and Friends
The Strange Case of Alice Cooper
(1979)The Strange Case of Alice Cooper1979

Alice Cooper and Friends was a live music television special starring Alice Cooper. Broadcast in the United States in September 1977, it was released on VHS in 1978. This rare video has a running time of 52 minutes, of which 25 minutes feature Cooper. It also features live footage of The Tubes, Nazareth and Sha Na Na.

Alice Cooper and Friends was filmed in concert on 19 June 1977 at the Anaheim Stadium in California.[1] This was the first night of Cooper's "King of the Silver Screen" tour, in support of his album Lace and Whiskey.[1] The special captured a very drunken and lethargic performance by Cooper, which he himself has dismissed as his worst performance. The video does include the infamous Chickens with Machine Guns sequence during the song "Lace and Whiskey". This special was the only commercially released video footage from that tour.

The video of the special has been discontinued since its original release, and has not been issued on DVD. Used copies regularly appear for sale online.

Alice Cooper songs performed[edit]

  • "School's Out"
  • "Is It My Body?" (excerpt)
  • "Under My Wheels" (excerpt)
  • "Billion Dollar Babies" (excerpt)
  • "You and Me"
  • "Only Women Bleed" (excerpt)
  • "Lace and Whiskey"
  • "I Love the Dead"


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