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Alice Edun is a singer who is of Nigerian-Russian descent but makes her home in Milan, Italy. Her musical fortes are in the area of dance and gospel. She is known professionally by her last name she records under, Edun and is signed to eurodance label Off-Limits in Italy and licensed to Robbins Entertainment in the United States.


Edun was born in St. Petersburg to a Nigerian father and Russian mother[1] She studied in Nigeria and graduated from high school in 1993. Edun started singing as a youngster in African gospel choirs. When she moved to Italy, she sang gospel from 1998 onwards and took part in the Milan Gospel Festival in 2003. While all this was happening, Edun was also experimenting with R&B, soul, funk and jazz styles and performed regularly inside and outside Italy. She is a much sought after backing vocalist and has performed with leading Italian artists on tour and for television. She recorded startling and extremely evocative vocals as the soloist and featured artist on the track “WHO’S KNOCKIN’?” by FB feat. Edun. The record contains mixes by Ferry Corsten and Benny Benassi and is released by Dance Therapy, Holland

In 2005, Edun made her first recording debut as the featured vocalist on the track "Who's Knockin?" by FB (AKA Ferry Corsten and Benny Benassi). That same year she also made her solo debut with "Put 'Em Up", a track written by Sannie Carlson and produced by Igor Farvetto. "Put 'Em Up" would end up becoming a sleeper Dance anthem globally two years later, especially in the United States, where "Put 'Em Up" is already her biggest breakthrough hit on Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay chart, where it peaked at number 2 in its August 25, 2007 issue. "Put 'Em Up" is a featured song on the PlayStation 2 and arcade music game Dance Dance Revolution X.

In August 2010, Edun released a long awaited follow up called "My Love Is Here For You." According to Edun, "It's a dance-pop love song, the kind that relates to everyone who is in love with someone but the other is afraid to love you back." The single was released globably through iTunes.


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