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Alice Henderson is an American author currently residing in San Francisco.

Selected works[edit]


Novels relating to the fictional universe established by Buffy and Angel:

Other works[edit]

  • Unspeakable Limericks
  • "Mansion of Ghoulish Delight," a story in Mystery Date (2008)
  • Voracious (2009)
  • "Mandible," a story in Werewolves and Other Shapeshifters (2010)
  • "Residue," a story in Body Horror (2012)
  • "The Wreck," a story in Creepy #6 (2013)
  • Fresh Meat – a Supernatural novel (2013)
  • Aquatic Bourne (2015)
  • Skyfire Saga, a trilogy including the novels Shattered Roads (2018), Shattered Lands (2018), and Shattered Skies (2019)
  • A Solitude of Wolverines, the first book in the Alex Carter thriller series (2020)

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