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Alice Nutter
Born (1962-07-10) 10 July 1962 (age 56)
Burnley, Lancashire, England
OccupationMusician, Screenwriter

Alice Nutter (born 10 July 1962) [1] is a British musician and writer. Nutter is currently a scriptwriter for theatre, radio and TV.

She was born in Burnley, Lancashire and attended Towneley High School.[2]

Music Career[edit]

Nutter joined the anarchist music group Chumbawamba in 1982, not long after the band formed, and took up residence in their squat in Armley. [3] With her music and politics closely integrated, Nutter picketed during the 1984-85 miners' strike and the 1986 Wapping dispute. In 1998, the band had an international hit with their song Tubthumping, on which Nutter was a vocalist. She performed with the band on numerous international television shows and at the 1998 BRIT Awards. Nutter left Chumbawamba in 2006 to start a new career as a playwright.[4] In 2012, she returned to the band for "Going Going", their final live performance at the Leeds City Varieties.

Writing Career[edit]

Her theatre work includes Foxes (2006) at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and Where's Vietnam? (2008) for Red Ladder Theatre Company at West Yorkshire Playhouse. Her radio work includes the afternoon play Snow In July (2008) for Radio 4 and the play My Generation (2012) for Radio 3. In 2013, My Generation was brought to the West Yorkshire Playhouse by its artistic director James Brining in the first full-scale, main-stage production of Nutter's work.[5] In 2016, the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds staged Nutter's play the Barnbow Canaries about women munition workers in Barnbow, Leeds, during the First World War. The factory the women were working in exploded one day in December 1915 and killed 35 and injured many more.[6]

For television, Nutter has written an episode of Jimmy McGovern's series The Street (2007)[3] and an episode of Casualty (2009). She has also written an episode of Moving On and an episode of Jimmy McGovern's series, Accused. she has also written an episode of The Mill. She has written a biographical drama based on the life of the Mancunian comedian Bernard Manning, but cuts to the BBC4 budget led to the piece never being filmed.[5]

In March 2014 Spanner Films announced that Nutter would be one of the writers for Undercovers, a television drama series about the undercover police officers who infiltrated the British activist scene for 50 years, and the women who unknowingly had long-term relationships and even children with the spies. The series was also written by Simon Beaufoy, and was to be produced by Tony Garnett.[7] The project did not come to fruition.

Writing credits[edit]

Production Notes Broadcaster
The Street
  • "The Postman" (2007)
  • "With This Ring" (co-written with Martin Jameson, 2009)
Moving On
  • "The Test" (2010)
  • "Helen's Story" (2010)
32 Brinkburn Street
  • "Episode #1.3" (2011)
  • "Episode #1.4" (2011)
  • "The Secret's Out" (2011)
The Mill
  • "Episode #2.4" (2014)
Channel 4
  • "Episode #5" (2018)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Work Category Result Reference
2011 Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award Accused Best Television Drama Series (with Jimmy McGovern, Daniel Brocklehurst and Esther Wilson) Nominated


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