Alice Pashkus

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Alice Pashkus
Manessis and Pashkus.jpg
Alice Pashkus with George Manesis in front of the Acropolis, Athens in the 1960s
Born 1911 (1911)
Died 1972 (1973) (aged 61)
Occupation American musician

Alice Pashkus (1911–1972)[1] was a famous violinist of the early and middle 20th century who became renowned as a pedagogue. Her most influential work was carried out in collaboration with her husband, Theodore; for many years the couple were considered two of the world's most outstanding violin teachers. Among their most famous pupils were Yehudi Menuhin and Ivry Gitlis.

After World War II, the Austrian-born Ossy Renardy had a series of lessons with them. He had been self-taught and had already performed in many countries as a child prodigy, and in 1940 had made the world premiere recording of the 24 Paganini Caprices. These were the only professional lessons Renardy ever had.


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