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Alice Sargent Johnson (1882, Staten Island, New York City - 1951, Clifton, Staten Island) was a commercial artist and illustrator. She graduated from the Art Students League in 1900. Alice was the daughter of Mary Doubleday (niece of Abner Doubleday) and Edward Sargent.

Additionally, she created watercolor illustrations for magazines and books. She illustrated for Harper's Bazaar, St. Nicholas Magazine."The best-known children's authors and illustrators contributed to St. Nicholas,", according to a 2002 review on children's literature[2]. Many children's classics were first serialized in St. Nicholas Magazine. Its first runaway hit was with Little Lord Fauntleroy. Louisa May Alcott's Jo's Boys was serialized in the magazine, and Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book.


She illustrated some early Madison Avenue ad campaigns. One ad campaign was a Victorian coloring book included with each bag of Ceresota Flour made by Northwestern Consolidated Milling Company. Thousands of books given away as a promotion. A showing of her watercolors was made in 1986 at the Staten Island Museum in St. George.

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