Alice Tegnér

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Alice Tegnér
Alice Tegnér postage sheet Sweden 2014.jpeg
Alice Tegnér on Swedish postage stamps, 2014
Background information
Birth nameAlice Sandström
Born(1864-03-12)12 March 1864
Karlshamn, Sweden
Died26 May 1943(1943-05-26) (aged 79)
Djursholm, Sweden
GenresChildren's songs
Music teacher
Years active19th-20th centuries

Alice Charlotta Tegnér (Swedish: [aˈliːs tɛŋˈneːr];[1] 12 March 1864 – 26 May 1943) was a Swedish music teacher, poet and composer. She was recognised as a foremost composer of Swedish children's songs during the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.[2]


Born Alice Sandström in Karlshamn, Sweden, she was the daughter of Eduard Sandström (1829–1879), a ship captain. She was very musical and began taking piano lessons early. She attended seminars in Stockholm (Högre lärarinneseminariet) and trained as a teacher. After graduation, she served as governess. Alice Tegnér was a teacher at Djursholms samskola and cantor in Djursholms chapel where Natanael Beskow was a preacher.

In 1885 she married Jakob Tegnér (1851–1926). Jakob Tegnér was a lawyer, and later secretary of the Swedish Publishers' Association and editor of Svenska Bokhandelstidningen.[3][4]


Alice Tegnér wrote many well-known children's songs in Swedish, most notably Mors lilla Olle. It was published during 1895 in volume 3 of Sjung med oss, mamma!.

In addition to children's songs, Alice Tegnér wrote many other types of music in classical genres such as chamber and sacred music together with choral music, cantatas, cello and violin sonatas. Her songs and compositions were inspired by both folk and art music. Her well-known hymnbook Nu ska vi sjunga, with illustrations by Elsa Beskow, was published in 1943.[5]


Alice Tegnér's grave, Djursholm burial ground
  • 1914 Litteris et Artibus
  • 1926 member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Music (Kungliga Musikaliska akademien)
  • 1929 First prize in the magazine Idun tonsättartävling

Selected works[edit]

Children's songs[edit]

  • Asarumsdalen
  • Baka kaka
  • Borgmästar Munthe
  • Bä, bä, vita lamm
  • Dansa min docka
  • Ekorrn satt i granen"
  • Hemåt i regnväder (text: Zacharias Topelius)
  • I skogen
  • Julbocken
  • Kring julgranen
  • Lasse liten (text: Zacharias Topelius)
  • Marschlek
  • Skogsblommorna till barnen (text: Elsa Beskow)
  • Sockerbagare

Other songs[edit]


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