Alice in Glamourland

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Alice in Glamourland
Film poster Alice in Glamourland.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Pieter Kramer
Produced by Alain De Levita
Johan Nijenhuis
Written by Mischa Alexander
Starring Linda de Mol
Joan Collins
Chris Tates
Kees Hulst
Tjitske Reidinga
Music by Martijn Schimmer
Cinematography Piotr Kukla
Edited by Elja de Lange
Release date
  • 2004 (2004)
Running time
95 minutes
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch, English

Alice in Glamourland (Dutch: Ellis in Glamourland) is a 2004 Dutch comedy film, directed by Pieter Kramer and starring Linda de Mol and Joan Collins. The story is about a poor single mother, who participates in a course about 'How to marry a millionaire'.

The film received a Golden Film (100,000 visitors).


A poor, single woman called Ellis (Linda de Mol), with a son, who meets Susan (Joan Collins), who wrote a successful book about 'How to marry a millionaire' and who now teaches classes on the subject.

Ellis attends the course, which is offered her for free. As a result, she meets many millionaires, of which several want to marry her. For one man who seemed rich, this turns out not to be the case. Nevertheless, after all Ellis chooses him.




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