Alicia Liu

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Alicia Liu
Born Liu Zi-hua
(1986-06-12) 12 June 1986 (age 31)[1]
Pingzhen, Taoyuan County, Taiwan
Other names Liu Xun-ai
Xiao Ai
Occupation Model, television personality
Modeling information
Height 1.71 m (5 ft 7 12 in)[2]

Alicia Liu Xun-ai (Chinese: 劉薰愛; pinyin: Liú Xūn'ài) was born in Taoyuan County (now Taoyuan City), Taiwan on 12 June 1986. She is a Taiwanese model and television personality, sometimes known by the nickname Xiao Ai.[2]

Liu was assigned male at birth and was given the name Zi-hua (Chinese: 子華),[3] but underwent sex reassignment surgery at the age of 18.[4] She became popular following a number of appearances on a parody television programme, but was outed in January 2010 by a former schoolmate who posted her graduation photo online.[2] In response, Liu held a press conference where she stated that she was happy being a woman and that the past was not important, but only confirmed that she was a transsexual when interviewed by the China Times a week later.[2] Supported by family,[2] colleagues and her agency,[3][4] Liu said: "To go public with my sex change was more of a help for me than hindrance, and it had not affected my life".[5]


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