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Alida Vázquez (born 1931) is a Mexican composer who lives and works in the United States. Vázquez was born in Mexico City, and from 1941-47 attended the Conservatorio Nacional de Música. She studied piano with Esperanza Cruz de Vasconcelos and music theory with Julián Carrillo. She received a scholarship to attend Diller-Quaile Music School in New York City and also studied with Mario Davidovsky at City College. After completing her music studies, she studied journalism and worked as a music therapist. In 1976 she began teaching music at the Bank Street College of Education.[1][2]


Vázquez has composed song cycles and works for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, electronic dance music and electro-acoustic works.[3] Selected works include:

  • Acuarelas de México 1970
  • Pieza para clarinete y piano 1971
  • Música para siete instrumentos 1974
  • Electronic Moods and Piano Sounds, 1977


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