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AlienBabelTech started out as an international collaboration of computer enthusiasts and professionals. It is an online computer and technology-related publication website that was officially launched on October 1, 2008 and was founded by David McOwen and Mark Poppin. The other founding members are Leon Hyman, Karan Singh and BFG10K.


AlienBabelTech is working with industry professionals and using its collective expertise and experience in an attempt to be the most valuable online information technology resource with open lines of communication and approachable staff.


The AlienBabelTech forums currently has over 1000 registered users and over 55,000 posts. According to Alexa statistics, ABT, as it is known for short, has over 400 other sites linking in.[1] AlienBabelTech has many sub-forums used for discussions ranging from the highly technical to the "Off Topic" section that is sometimes used for comically entertaining purposes.

Throughout the forum, it is regularly emphasized by the staff that free speech and expression is encouraged. The forums are advertised to be a lightly moderated environment. One relatively uncommon feature with tech-related forums found on the internet is an apparently novel "Friend or Foe" feature found on AlienBabelTech forums, which can be used to add a person who is trolling one's own discussions to the "foe list" so as to block out their posts. Others will still be able to see the posts, so the thread continues unperturbed.[citation needed]

The founders of AlienBabelTech have expressed an interest in expanding the forums into a "3D game world" where members could interact with each other in a virtual gaming environment.[citation needed]

AlienBabelTech Staff[edit]

  • Founder, Senior Political Editor - David McOwen
  • Founder, Hardware & Software Reviewer, Editor In Chief - Mark Poppin
  • Founding Member, Hardware, Software & Game Reviewer, Senior Editor - Leon Hyman
  • Founding Member, Hardware Reviewer, Senior Editor - Karan Singh
  • Founding Member, Hardware Reviewer, Senior (Video) Editor - BFG10K
  • Advertising Director - Debi McOwen


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