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Doctor Who Alien Armies is a series of Doctor Who Trading Cards, released by Panini UK in October 2009. The set was designed to be a thorough re-design of the Battles in Time cards which, due to the price, failed to attract the wanted audience.[1] Packs of cards cost 50p, with each pack containing six cards.[2] Starter packs were available, containing a collector's binder, gameboard & rules, four packets of cards, and at certain stores, a limited edition card. Collector Tins, containing 60 cards, were available from The Entertainer and Toys 'R' Us, each containing a limited edition card.


There are 266 cards to collect:

  • 180 Standard Cards. These cards cover the series from "The Christmas Invasion" to "Planet Of The Dead".
  • 40 Glitter Foils. These cards are mainly shiny editions of the standard cards, with only one or two new cards.[1]
  • 20 Super Foils. These cards are the stronger characters from the show, e.g. Davros, the Cult of Skaro and the Cybermen.
  • 20 Super Foil Emboss. The ten incarnations of the Doctor, and all of the Doctor's companions from "Journey's End".
  • 6 Limited Edition Cards. These were only available in selected stores, with selected products:
  1. Dalek: exclusive to the W H Smith starter packs (although not all branches held the exclusive card, due to being supplied by local suppliers).[3]
  2. Davros: exclusive to the Asda starter packs.
  3. Rose Tyler: exclusive to the RS McColl starter packs.
  4. The Tenth Doctor (1 - with glasses): exclusive to The Entertainer collector's tins.
  5. Cyberman: exclusive to the Toys 'R' Us collector's tins.
  6. The Tenth Doctor (2): exclusive to Doctor Who Magazine, issue 414.

A further six limited edition cards were printed but, due to lack of interest in exclusive cards, were not distributed.[3]

Card categories[edit]

The Cards are categorised under five categories:

The card categories come into play when the cards are used on the gameboard. There are a total of 20 equipment cards, plus an even number of Villain and Ally cards. Each card shows a specific value for use in the game, the card with the highest value always wins the round.

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