Alien Arsenal

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Alien Arsenal
Directed by David DeCoteau
Produced by Kirk Edward Hansen
Charles Band
(executive producer)
Written by Matthew Jason Walsh
Starring Josh Hammond
Danielle Hoover
Michele Nordin
Krisztián Kovács
Jerrod Cornish
William Vogt
Riley Smith
Dominic Catrambone
Stephanie Mennella
Chris Olivero
Robert Donavan
Brenda Blondell
Brannon Gould
Matt Steveley
Joe Danzo
Heath Titan
Scott Boyer
Ryan Van Steenis
Betheny Zolt
Michelle A. Katz
Jessica Kiper
Walsh Creen Carvalino
Kim Robert Koscki
Distributed by Full Moon Features
Release date
  • May 18, 1999 (1999-05-18)
Running time
90 min.
Language English

Alien Arsenal is a made-for-television science fiction film, released in 1999, directed by David DeCoteau. It is a loose remake of an earlier Charles Band production, Laserblast. It is also known as Teenage Alien Avengers.[1]


When two high school nerds find a secret hoard of hi-tech weapons and armor, their superhero dreams become reality. But the alien owners are alerted to the discovery, and return to claim their property in a bid to use it to wipe out humanity. Can the geeks stop them?

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