Alien Dead

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The Alien Dead
25 Anniversary Edition DVD cover
Directed by Fred Olen Ray
Produced by Fred Olen Ray
Chuck Sumner
Written by Fred Olen Ray
Martin Alan Nicholas

Buster Crabbe
Raymond Roberts

Linda Lewis
George Kelsey
Music by Franklin Sledge
Cinematography Fred Olen Ray
Edited by Mark Barrett
Distributed by Firebird Pictures
Release dates
June 1, 1980
Running time
69 min
Country United States
Language English
Budget $12,000

The Alien Dead is a 1980 American horror film directed by Fred Olen Ray. Ray co-wrote the script with Martin Nicholas.


A meteor strikes a houseboat in the swamps near a southern town, which causes the people on the houseboat to become zombies. When the zombies run out of alligators to eat, they begin killing people in the town. A local scientist tries to figure out how to stop the zombies.



Steven Puchalski describes the film a "third rate Night of the Living Dead" with laughable effects, though he calls it "eminently watchable for schlock fanatics".[1] In a negative review, David Johnson of DVD Verdict states that the gore is sparse and story boring.[2]

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