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Alien Massacre is a retitling of two low-budget films (one science fiction, the other horror) by stage magician David L. Hewitt. The retitling appears to have been the unauthorized work of Regal Video, Inc. of New York, New York. The cover, released on both films, proclaims "Blood flows like water...", and shows a woman in helmet and epaulets (and apparently nothing else) standing in a barren landscape with her arm, bleeding profusely, modestly covering her chest.

  • The Wizard of Mars (1965), also known as Horrors of the Red Planet
  • Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors (1966), an anthology film also known as The Blood Suckers, Gallery of Horrors, Gallery of Horror, Return from the Past, and even The Witch's Clock, which is the title of the first segment. In spite of the title, the film does not feature any aliens.[1]

The package description described neither film, but rather described an attack on a scientist and his daughter aboard their space vessel. Neither film depicts a parent-child relationship.