The Falling (1987 film)

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The Falling
The Falling.JPG
Theatrical poster
Directed by Deran Sarafian
Produced by Deran Sarafian
Written by Deran Sarafian
Noah Bloch
Starring Dennis Christopher
Martin Hewitt
Lynn-Holly Johnson
Music by Thomas Chase
Steve Rucker
Cinematography Tote Trenas
Edited by Dennis Hill
Continental Motion Pictures Corporation
Distributed by Trans World Entertainment
Release date
February 6, 1987
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $2,554

The Falling (also known as Alien Predators and Mutant 2) is a 1987 American-Spanish science fiction horror film starring Dennis Christopher, Martin Hewitt, and Lynn-Holly Johnson.[1]


Three teenagers vacationing in Spain drive through a town where the space station Skylab crashed several years earlier, bringing with it alien organisms that transform their human hosts into flesh-eating monsters.


  • The film was shot throughout Spain in May and June 1984, but not released until 1987.
  • Production during the movie caused producer Carlos Aured to completely retire from filmmaking. In a 1999 interview with Fangoria, Aured mentioned that he tried several times to get the filmmakers to take a more professional approach to the film, but the crew was too laid back. As a result, the film went over schedule and over budget, from which they heaped all the debts onto Aured, once filming was complete.

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