Prey (1977 film)

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Alien Prey
Prey (1977 film).jpg
Directed by Norman J. Warren
Produced by Terence Marcel
David Wimbury
Screenplay by Max Cuff
Story by Quinn Donoghue
Starring Barry Stokes
Glory Annen
Sally Faulkner
Sandy Chinney
Music by Ivor Slaney
Cinematography Derek V. Browne
Edited by Alan Jones
Distributed by Premier Releasing
Release dates
Running time
85 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Prey (also known as Alien Prey) is a 1977 British science-fiction horror film starring Glory Annen, Barry Stokes, Sally Faulkner and directed by Norman J. Warren.[1]


A bloodthirsty alien lands on Earth and assumes the identity of a young man. The alien is then befriended by a lesbian couple who lives nearby.


Cast in credits order:


  • In the UK, in 1977, Premier Releasing submitted the film for certification to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) for a cinema release. The film was certified "X", precursor of the "18" certificate after unspecified cuts had been made. The submitted running time was 85 minutes.
  • In Canada, in 1984, Studio One Film and Video Inc released an unrated 85 minute edition on VHS cassette in the NTSC format under the title Alien Prey.
  • Subsequently, further editions of the film were shortened by about 4 minutes. Using the Studio One edition as a reference, the deleted scenes and clips are: at 00:30:00, Jessica talks to Anders about being scared, Josephine talks about music, in the bedroom Jessica and Josephine argue about Anders, and finally in the kitchen Jessica and Anders talk. This sequence is three and a half minutes. At 00:36:15 a 10 second shot of Anders sitting in a chair is deleted, at 01:15:00 a door opening is shortened by 1 second, at 01:21:15 a 10 second sequence of Anders eating flesh and Josephine running down a corridor is deleted.
  • In the UK, the BBFC has certified a shortened version of the film "18" for home entertainment on three occasions: in 1986, Stablecane Ltd issued a video after 10 seconds of cuts had been made; in 1995, Arthouse Productions Ltd issued a video after 11 seconds of cuts had been made; in 2004, Anchor Bay Entertainment UK Ltd issued an extended cut of the film as part of the Norman J. Warren Coffin-Box DVD Collection but the four minutes of deleted scenes were not part of this edition.
  • In the USA, Salvation Films, using its Redemption label has issued unrated editions of the film on DVD on two occasions, in 2004 and in 2009. Both editions are of the shortened version.
  • In France, in 2006, NEO Publishing issued the film on DVD in the PAL format under the title, Le Zombie venu D'Ailleurs. Again, this is the shortened version despite NEO claiming it to be of 85 minutes duration.


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