Aliens Ate My Homework

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Aliens Ate My Homework
Author Bruce Coville
Country America
Language English
Series Rod Albright's Alien Adventures
Genre Sci-fi
Publisher Aladdin
Publication date
Preceded by None
Followed by I Left My Sneakers in Dimension X

Aliens Ate My Homework is the first of a series of four books by Bruce Coville. The series is generally referred to as Bruce Coville's Alien Adventures or Rod Allbright's Alien Adventures. Aliens Ate My Homework was first published by Aladdin in 1993.

Plot summary[edit]

Early one May, sixth-grader Rod Allbright is launched into the adventure of a lifetime when a tiny alien spaceship (the good ship Ferkel of the Galactic Patrol) crashes in his room, changing his life forever. Now, Rod finds himself aiding the aliens on their mission: to capture BKR (pronounced Bee-Kay-Are), an interstellar criminal whose mission in life is to cause as much pain and misery as he can. Ultimately, Rod is able to help the crew of the Ferkel in returning to their normal sizes, and defeating BKR (Billy Becker which is a criminal).

Other books in the series[edit]