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Aliento de Vida is a Hispanic Pentecostal church located in New York City, United States. The current and founding pastors are Victor and Hattie Tiburcio. Today, Aliento de Vida is one of the biggest Hispanic churches in New York City.

Brief history[edit]

Aliento de Vida started out in its Brooklyn, New York Campus. Pastors Victor and Hattie Tiburcio arrived from the Dominican Republic to New York in 1997, and became pastors in Brooklyn. The church started out with 11 members. From those 11 members, 6 left because of a disagreement. After that incident, The church experienced a huge growth and by 2003, it had over 250 members in Brooklyn. In 2002, Victor and Hattie Tiburcio opened a small Christian gathering at a couples house in Queens, New York. In less than a year, attendance grew from five people to over forty people. This grew a need to open a church in Queens, New York. In 2003, Victor and Hattie Tiburcio rented a second floor in a building in Corona Queens, New York. Church attendance in the queens campus grew from over forty people to over three hundred people in 2004. Today, the Queens, New York campus is located in the famous Corona Plaza Theatre in Queens, New York. The Brooklyn and Queens Campus has over 1,500 members combined.

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