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Align is a privately held IT solutions company specializing in IT relocation services, network infrastructure design and build-out, contact center technology, and IT management. The company also provides communications products and integration services for call centers and other facilities requiring large-scale computer telephony installations. Align operates from offices in New York, London, Chicago, Princeton, New Jersey, and Toronto. The company serves customers in such industries as finance, health care, and energy. Clients have included BlackRock, BP, and Dun & Bradstreet.


Align was founded in 1986 with two main focuses on technology relocation and network integration services primarily in the financial sector. Align positioned itself to grow over the years and, by 1997, the UK branch opened with technology relocation services as its main focus. Align addressed many new vertical markets and kept abreast of emerging technologies (VoIP, blade technology, etc.) and design practices (data centers, cable networks).

In 1998, Align launched Asset Point, a tool to support technology assets. Asset Point was initially an internal value-added IT asset management software tool based upon Align’s many years of asset management experience. Asset Point grew out of both client and internal demands to better manage rapidly changing asset portfolios.

By 2002, Align’s Chicago branch opened. BP was its first major client following with ABN Amro and Dun & Bradstreet. The Princeton branch opened in 2005, supporting projects in DC, Wilmington and Philadelphia. In 2007, Align’s flagship office in New York moved to the financial district at 55 Broad Street.

In 2007, Align was named to VARBusiness 500 by CRN Magazine.[1]

By 2008, the company became LEED certified and focused more on the "cloud" and virtualization movement, and a branch in Toronto.

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