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Alignment may refer to:




  • Road alignment, the route of a road, defined as a series of horizontal tangents and curves, as defined by planners and surveyors
  • Railway alignment, three-dimensional geometry of track layouts
  • Transfer alignment, a process for initializing and calibrating the inertial navigation system on a missile or torpedo
  • Shaft alignment, in mechanical engineering, aligning two or more shafts with each other
  • Wheel alignment, automobile wheel and suspension angles which affect performance and tire wear


  • AI alignment, steering artificial intelligence systems towards the intended objective
  • Alignment level, an audio recording/engineering term for a selected point in the audio that represents a reasonable sound level
  • Business–IT alignment, how well an organization is able to use Information Technology to achieve objectives
  • Data structure alignment, arranging data in computer memory to fit machine design, also known more simply as an alignment structure
  • Music alignment, linking various music representations (sheet music, audio, video, MIDI, etc.) related to a given musical work
  • Partition alignment, letting address ranges of hard disk drive partitions start at certain physical boundaries or at multiples of units such as 4 KB or 1 MB

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