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Aliguay is located in Philippines
Location within the Philippines
Coordinates 8°44′48″N 123°13′26″E / 8.74667°N 123.22389°E / 8.74667; 123.22389Coordinates: 8°44′48″N 123°13′26″E / 8.74667°N 123.22389°E / 8.74667; 123.22389
Adjacent bodies of water
Region Zamboanga Peninsula
Province Zamboanga del Norte
City Dapitan
Population 447 (2010)[1]

Aliguay is an island in the Philippines, and a barangay of Dapitan City. The island is under the custody of the Philippine Navy and is an established marine sanctuary. The island is surrounded by white sand beaches and coral reefs. There are no water sources on the island. A few residents live on Aliguay Island, mostly selling fish to tourists.

2015 Kidnapping and Beheading[edit]

More than 10 armed men abducted at dawn Monday, May 4, the chairman of Aliguay, one of Dapitan’s two island barangays, and two members of the Philippine Coast Guard. The suspects turned to these 3 men after failing to see foreign tourists in what could have been a plan for kidnapping-for-ransom. The military found a beheaded body of a man believed to be Buligao. It was spotted along an intersection in Barangay Laum Maimbung in Sulu's Maimbung town.

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