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Alija is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Ifraim Alija (born 1985), footballer
  • Kučuk Alija (died 1804), janissary, mutesellim of Kragujevac and one of four Dahiyas who controlled Belgrade Pashaluk
Given name – female
  • Alija Jussupowa (born 1984), rhythmic gymnast of Kazakh ethnicity who competes for Kazakhstan
Given name – male
  • Alija Behmen (born 1940), former mayor of Sarajevo and a member of the Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Alija Bešić (born 1975), retired Luxembourgian professional football player of Bosnian descent
  • Alija Đerđelez, popular legendary hero of poetry and literature in Bosnia and Albania
  • Alija Dumas (born 1929), former Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
  • Alija Isaković (1932–1997), Bosnian writer, publicist and lexicographer of Bosnian
  • Alija Izetbegović (1925–2003), the first President of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Alija Sirotanović (1914–1990), Yugoslav miner of Bosnian Roma ethnicity, Hero of Socialist Labour
Fictional characters
  • Alija Eaglespike of Warrior, a fantasy novel written by Australian author Jennifer Fallon

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