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The Alijadores de Tampico (Tampico Lightermen) were a professional baseball club based in Tampico, Tamaulipas that played in the Mexican League (Liga Mexicana de Beisbol) between the 1940s and 1980s.

The Alijadores were an excellent team and won titles in 1945 and 1946. However, they were not very profitable and did not play from 1949 through 1970. In 1971 the league reinstated the franchise, which played as the Estibadores de Tampico (Tampico Stevedores) during two seasons. Starting 1973, the team returned to its former name and won the championship title in 1975.

After 1979, Tampico was once again removed from the league. The franchise once again returned in 1983 and was renamed the Astros de Tampico for that season, playing again as the Alijadores in 1984. Since then, no other team based in Tampico has participated in Mexican professional baseball.

Notable players[edit]

  • 21 Mexico All-time Mexican League great Héctor Espino helped win a Mexican League championship for the Alijadores de Tampico in 1975.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Notes
1940 46-41 4th Guillermo Ornelas none
1941 52-49 3rd Guillermo Ornelas none
1942 44-40 3rd Manuel Arroyo none
1943 41-48 4th Willie Wells / Santos Amaro none
1944 40-47 5th Porfirio Martínez / Manuel Arroyo none
1945 52-38 1st Armando Marsans none League Champs
1946 56-41 1st Armando Marsans none League Champs
1947 53-65 4th Armando Marsans / Santos Amaro none
1948 34-33 3rd Chile Gómez -- Folded in mid-season
1971 79-65 6th Miguel Sotelo
1972 86-51 2nd Pedro González
1973 74-56 5th Pedro González Lost in 2nd round
1974 66-71 8th Pancho Herrera Lost in 1st round
1975 73-62 6th Benny Valenzuela League Champs
1976 66-68 8th Benny Valenzuela / Ronnie Camacho
1977 57-97 15th Clemente Carrera / Benny Valenzuela
1978 76-78 8th Benny Valenzuela Lost in 1st round
1979 79-75 15th Felipe Leal / Carlos Trevino
1983 57-55 7th Felipe Hernandez / Roberto Casellon
1984 54-56 10th Gregorio Luque
1985 66-64 9th Gregorio Luque Lost in 1st round