Guanshan Village, Kaohsiung

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The annual Night Ceremony of Taivoan people in Alikuan.

Guanshan Village (Chinese: 關山里), also called by the locals as Alikuan (Chinese: 阿里關; Taiwanese Romanization: Ah-lí-kuan) or Aliguan, is an indigenous Taivoan community located in Jiaxian District in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.[1][2] As driven by Chinese immigrants and Siraya, Taivoan people started to emigrate from Tainan to Kaohsiung in the early 18th century, and eventually founded the community in 1744.[3] Alikuan was also an important battle field in Tapani incident in 1915.[4]

Taivoan people in Alikuan were forced to migrate in group to nowadays Siaolin by the Japanese government during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, eventually founding Siaolin Village in 1905.[3]

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