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Rabbi Alina Treiger

Alina Treiger (born 1979 in Poltava, Ukraine) is the first female rabbi to be ordained in Germany since World War II.[1][2][3]


Among Treiger's inspiration was Regina Jonas, Germany's first female rabbi, who was ordained in 1935.[1][2][3]

She was ordained in November 2010 by the Abraham Geiger College.[4] Her ordination was held at Berlin's Pestalozzi Synagogue, and attended by Christian Wulff, then president of Germany, and Jewish leaders from around the world.[2][5]

Treiger moved to Germany because she felt stifled by the Orthodox Jewish community in Ukraine.[1] Germany has needed more rabbis in order to handle the influx of Soviet Jews who have emigrated to Germany since the collapse of the Soviet Union. She works primarily with the native Russian speakers in the city of Oldenburg and the nearby town of Delmenhorst.[2]


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