Aline and Valcour

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Aline and Valcour
Aline et Valcour - Illustration - Project Gutenberg eText 17707.jpg
"All the parts of this beautiful body were formed by the hand of the graces."
Illustration from a 1795 edition of Aline et Valcour
Author Marquis de Sade
Country France
Language French
Genre Epistolary novel
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)

Aline et Valcour; ou, Le Roman philosophique is an epistolary novel by the Marquis de Sade. It contrasts a brutal African kingdom with a South Pacific island paradise known as Tamoé and led by the philosopher-king Zamé.

Sade wrote the book while incarcerated in the Bastille in the 1780s. Published in 1795, it was the first of Sade's books published under his true name.


The book was translated into English, German, Spanish and Japanese.

An essay titled "Observations on Aline and Valcour" by Alice Laborde appeared in the collection Sade, his ethics and rhetoric by Colette Verger Michael, New York 1989.

Blank darkness: Africanist discourse in French by Christopher L Miller (Chicago 1985) contains a chapter titled "No one's novel: Sade's Aline et Valcour".

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