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Aline de Lima, 2006

Aline De Lima, born October 23, 1982 in Caxias, Brazil, is a singer, songwriter and independent music producer.


The debut album of Aline De Lima, Arrebol ("dawn" in English) is produced by the Brazilian musician and producer Vinicius Cantuária. and recorded in New York with great musicians such as the Brazilian drummer, Paulo Braga (played with Tom Jobim, Elis Regina, Milton Nascimento, and many others), the avant-gard guitar-player, Marc Ribot (Tom Waits, Arto Lindsay, Norah Jones, etc.) and the cellist Erik Friedlander. In addition to the ten songs composed by Aline, this album includes a cover of "September " by the French icon Barbara and Sophie Makhno.

Aline duets with Swedish JC Schütz on his album Blissa Nova, published in 2007 on the Swedish label Terrinha .

In 2008, she released her second album Açaí (a fruit from an amazon palm tree), co-produced by her and the Japanese trumpeter Jun Miyake. The album wins a German prize as the best bossa nova album of this year.

With these two first albums, Aline De Lima became an international booking artist, that has performed in almost fifteen countries.

For breach of contract with Naïve (her first label in France) in March 2010, Aline De Lima decided to work alone. In 2011, she produced and launched her third album, Maritima, on internet, which reached in less than two years the total of ten thousand paid downloads . The album was released under her own indie label, Arrebol Music, that has taking a greater extent in Brazil, under the name Arrebol Music Brasil . The French newspaper, Le Monde, quoted her self-produced album as a revolutionary alternative to cope with the global crisis.


  • Arrebol (2006, Naïve)
  • Açaí (2008, Naïve)
  • Marítima (2011, Arrebol Music) -

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