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Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah
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Background information
Past members

Mitch Aliotta (deceased)
Ted Aliotta
Skip Haynes (deceased)

John Jeremiah (deceased)

Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah was an American rock group from the early 1970s.

This trio was originally composed of bassist Mitch Aliotta, drummer Ted Aliotta, and guitarist Skip Haynes. Ted Aliotta left after their debut album to be replaced by John Jeremiah. They scored a popular regional hit in the Chicago, Illinois area in 1971 with the single and album "Lake Shore Drive," a tribute to the lakefront highway in Chicago and (some believe)[who?] also to LSD, a hallucinogen. "Lake Shore Drive" was featured in the 2017 movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Lake Shore Drive, the album, was re-released on compact disc in 1996 for its 25th anniversary on a double-CD set, along with some of their other songs. The 1992 Quicksilver CD release version of Lake Shore Drive was missing two of the songs from the original 1971 Big Foot release: "Leaving Chicago" and "Long Time Gone" – aka "Long Time Coming".

The initials "LSD" are occasionally used in Chicago vernacular to refer to the highway (although it is sometimes referred to as the Outer Drive to distinguish it from Inner Lake Shore Drive, which extends from Ohio St. to Hollywood Ave.).[citation needed] Outside of the Chicago area, the initials are known only as the name of the drug. Skip Haynes claims "Lake Shore Drive" has no drug references whatsoever, unlike "The Snow Queen," which referenced the up and downsides of cocaine usage.[1]

The band appeared in a 1978 made-for-TV movie, Sparrow, playing a rock band whose lead singer is electrocuted while performing onstage.


Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah's former keyboardist, John Jeremiah, died on December 5, 2011, in Chester, Illinois. Mitchell A. Aliotta, both of Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah and Rotary Connection, died on July 21, 2015, at the age of 71.[2][3] Skip Haynes died on October 2, 2017.[4]


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  • Lake Shore Drive (LP) (Big Foot 714) 1971
  • Slippin' Away (LP) (Little Foot 711) 1977
  • Lake Shore Drive (CD) (Quicksilver QSCD-1019) 1992
  • Songs (CD) (Quicksilver QSCD-1025) 1994
  • Lake Shore Drive at 25 (2-CDs) (Quicksilver QSCD-1033) 1996
  • Bob Stroud's Classic Rock Roots Vol. II (SRO Productions) 1999


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