Alipur Chatha

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Ali Pur Chattha
Akkal Garh
Nickname(s): Akālgarh
Ali Pur Chattha is located in Pakistan
Ali Pur Chattha
Ali Pur Chattha
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°56′00″N 73°13′00″E / 32.9333°N 73.2167°E / 32.9333; 73.2167Coordinates: 32°56′00″N 73°13′00″E / 32.9333°N 73.2167°E / 32.9333; 73.2167
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Gujranwala
Tehsil Wazirabad
Settled 1867
Elevation 418 m (1,374 ft)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
 • Summer (DST) PDT (UTC+6)

Ali Pur Chattha (Urdu: علی پور چٹھہ ‎) is a city and one of the 36 union councils of Wazirabad Tehsil of Gujranwala District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[1] It contains ruins of the historical city of Akālgarh.


The municipality was created in 1867 during colonial rule. The city lies on the Wazirabad-Lyallpur branch of the North-Western Railway. The population, according to the 1901 census, was 4,961.[2]

The city was the residence of a family of Khattris of the Chopra clan, to which belonged the Diwan Sawan Mal and his son Mulraj, governors of Multan in the later days of Sikh rule.

Once in old days the city was walled and it had gates, there is only one gate present nowadays named as "Paki Deohri".

Wood crafted gates are marvelous in some havilies (houses). At present the city is expanding, new localities are being nourishing. However the old city is still a hub of business. Mostly, all the neighboring villagers come here for shopping of all kinds of things.

In old days outside the city were many ponds used as water reservoir. One of them is nowadays known as "Purana Talab" and other one was called "bara Dari".

During the British rule, this area was heavily colonized and saw overwhelming visitor due to its heavy agriculture base. There are many affluent family names in this area include Mirza, Mughals, Bhatti and Chattha and Khan. Upon British departure in 1947, this area was vacated by Hindu's and Sikh's while the Muslim population remained. It is the ancestral home to Mr. Aftab Nasir Khan who currently works as a Primary Examiner and United States Patent Office.

There is one main market in the town and is called Sabzi Mandi, where fresh produce is bought that is homegrown by local farmers. The town has internet capability and very dynamic life style. There is one high school called Government High School of Ali- Pur Chattha, located next to Paki Deorhi. It has one Government Hospital and many private hospitals where access to medical services are readily available.

The town is located 24 KM from town of Hafiz Abad, 35 KM away from City of Gujranwala, 40 KM to Wazirabad and 55 KM to Gujrat and 12 KM away from Qadir abad Barage. In other words, the town lies at the center of many well known cities and its true potential needs to be explored. There are no traffic lights in this town and are a major cause for accidents and mortality rates has been increased due to traffic related accident. Emergency medicine is non-existent as many patient who's lives otherwise can be saved due to early intervention.


Ali Pur Chattha is located at an elevation of 418 m (1374 ft).[3] It is situated nearly 37 km away in west from Gujranwala, 24 km in north from Hafizabad and 6 km in south from Rasulnagar and Chenab River.[4]

The main crops of the town are rice, wheat, sugar cane and maize. Famous for inland fishery, approximately 35,000 acres (140 km²) of land are covered by fish ponds.


Govt.Post Graduate Degree Colleges for boys and girls and other govt. and private institutes are situated in the city. And more private colleges situated in the city ®


A highway links Alipure Chatha with Gujranwala which is considered as the major road connection of the city with the rest of Pakistan. Another road goes from Alipure to Head Qadirabad which connects Gujranwala and Alipure to Phalia and Mandi Bahauddin. Alipure railway station is situated on Wazirabad-Faisalabad railway line.

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