Alipur Farash

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Alipur Farash
Alipur Farash is located in Pakistan
Alipur Farash
Alipur Farash
Coordinates: 33°38′53″N 73°11′13″E / 33.648°N 73.187°E / 33.648; 73.187Coordinates: 33°38′53″N 73°11′13″E / 33.648°N 73.187°E / 33.648; 73.187
Country  Pakistan
Province Islamabad Capital Territory Islamabad Capital Territory
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Alipur and Farash are two separate villages which are centuries old, whereas "Farash Town" is a settlement on the land acquired by the CDA from the people of surrounding villages like Farash and Punjgran. Alipur and Farash, in Islamabad, are located on the Lehtrar road approx. 17km (25 minutes) from Rawal lake and 9km (17 minutes) from Chak Shahzad. Farash Town is a Capital Development Authority approved model urban shelter scheme which came into being in 1990. In Farash Town, homeless people from Bari Imam and other Kachi Abadis of Islamabad were settled.

The name of village Alipur refers to Baba Ali Muhammad, the ancestor of Khokhars and Maliks living in Alipur, whereas a number of people of other origins have also migrated to Alipur over a last two decades, which has turned this small village into a big town consisting of a population of approximately more than 30,000. In Alipur, there is also shrine of Hazrat Shah Sultan, a saint who gave shelter to Baba Ali Muhammad and helped him to make this area his habitat.

As compared to Alipur, Farash is a mix of different clans which include Dhund Abbasis descendant of raja waliat khan including Raja Mohtasim youth counselor,Rajput, Bhattis, Qazis and Janjuas. Alipur Farash are adjoining villages and have a number of things in common. They select their local representatives for Union Council Alipur. Besides Tarlai and Kuri, Alipur and Farash have emerged as the major town of rural area of Islamabad.

As of 2011 there were approximately 2,000 homes in Farash town. Despite the fact that the scheme is one of the CDA's "model villages" it resembles a typical unplanned settlement with nominal municipal facilities. Alipur Farash residents have been facing problems due to shortage of drinking water, poor sewerage and lack of other basic facilities.[1]

According to unofficial figures, there are 28 'katchi abadis' in Islamabad inhabited by more than 70,000 dwellers in worst living conditions. Under the urban shelter programme, CDA has acknowledged 10 'katchi abadis' for provision of basic facilities.[2]

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